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Living happily with Autism in the workplace


The focus of these sessions is on learning to appreciate Autism in relation to the workplace. The sessions are for Autistic employees, but also for employers. In each case, you’ll learn how to work with and to celebrate the presence of Autism at work, but also how to recognise it and appreciate it in others.

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Why recognising Autism matters

Look around your workplace. Look at your
people. Can you see tall people and short
people? Do you see people with dark skin,
light skin, short hair, long hair, no hair?
Looking at your colleagues and employees,
which one is ‘average’? .

Your employees are unique  

Of course - it’s a silly question! Silly, because there’s no such thing as an average employee. Your people are many things. But above all, they are … unique. They are, as we all are, individuals.

So – take another look around your office. Ask yourself one more question – which of your employees is autistic? Do you know? Do you want to know?


Here’s a stat for you. If you have 100 employees, there’s every chance that at least one of them is living with some degree of autism. Currently between 1 and 2 of every adult in the UK is, to a degree, autistic.


So – one final question, one that’s more important than any of the others -

If one of your employees is autistic, what are you going to do about it?
Are you going to ignore the fact – in the hope that it’s irrelevant and will go away?


Or will you make the effort to find out more about -

  • the nature of autism?
  • how it affects those who live with it?
  • how to support your autistic employees?
  • how all your employees can benefit from working with an autistic colleague?
  • how your company can celebrate having an autistic employee amongst its staff?
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Your commitment to workplace diversity  

Workplace diversity is much more than a 21st century buzzword. It’s an essential element of the modern-day working environment. Every workplace needs to be embrace, nurture and celebrate all kinds of diversity – diverse religions, diverse, cultures, diverse races. And we must also celebrate Neurodiversity. This is where recognising, identifying, supporting and celebrating autism comes in.

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Why choose Dr. Liliya Wheatcraft’s course - Working with Autism?


Read Dr Liliya’s story and you’ll soon understand why she is so well-placed to work with people who live with Autism, their colleagues and their employers.

Let Dr. Liliya explain for herself.

“For me, your development is personal!

You see – I too live with Autism. So do my children.
What does this mean?
It means that I’m not like other psychiatrists.
It means that I share some of the feelings people with Autism have and the experiences they go through.
It means that I’m uniquely placed to help you to live with the worst of Autism …and to celebrate the best!”

Dr. Lilya doesn’t dwell on theory. Her courses are intensely supportive and practical. They are:

  1. rooted in science, facts and evidence – yet reflect personal experience
  2. engaging and relevant – exploring with you only want each patient needs to know
  3. practical and accessible – easy to follow and understand

They comprise 8 modules, each divided into 3 and 6 units and each represented by a different letter from the word A.U.T.I.S.T.I.C.

            A          Anxiety                        Module 1  -  6 units

            U         Uneven/Unstable        Module 2  -  6 units

            T        Time                            Module 3  -  5 units

            I        Intelligence                 Module 4  -  7 units

            S        Sense & Sensitivities   Module 5  -  4 units

            T        Thinking in Autism      Module 6  -  6 units

            I        Intense Interests         Module 7  -  4 units

            C        Central Coherence      Module 8  -  6 units

Each unit is available as a
            - an animated video (3 – 5 minutes)
            - an audio recording 
            - a written document

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Remote training –
Safe, Sustainable, Effective – no travel time

Each module will be followed by an online session with Dr. Liliya. These sessions will be bespoke to the client – taking into account the needs of the individual and of the workplace.

Not for Profit – but for the Community

Dr. Liliya is determined to carry out her remarkable work, not in order to line her pockets, but for the benefit of the wider autistic community. As someone who has struggled with and now lives with Autism, she is dedicated to helping others.

Few people have her personal experience, her academic training and her qualifications. Few people understand the autistic world better. Few people are as well-placed to help with Autism than Dr. Liliya Wheatcraft.

Find out more about autism in your workplace. Get in touch.

Explore 2 more ways that Dr. Liliya will help you to

Live, Work and Grow with Autism Business

1-2-1 Consultation

For Autistic people and their families. Explore your Autism, what it means to you and how to grow with it.

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Autism is a difference

not a disease




Online Courses

Take this step-by-step course and learn more about your Autism and how to live, work and grow with 'the difference'.

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