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Learn online how to develop with your Autism

Join Dr. Liliya on this step-by-step online course and learn more about your Autism and how to live, work and grow with ‘the difference’.

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Safe, secure & comfortable

Increase your understanding of Autism and What it means to be an Autistic person.

Learn how to use your natural gifts and skills to enhance your life in an atmosphere that’s safe, comfortable and secure.

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Built on rigorous scientific research – presented in an engaging, caring manner

Dr. Liliya’s online courses are founded entirely on sound, tried and tested scientific research. Yet she will lead you and your fellow students through the course in a way that’s relevant to your life and sensitive to your needs.

The sessions do not comprise a series of lectures. Instead, you will follow the proven ‘flipped classroom’ approach – shown time and again to be effective. You and your fellow learners will work through the material first - individually or in groups. Then, you’ll have a classroom discussion with Dr, Liliya.

This approach encourages self-directed learning from you, the student. The reward is substantial: an understanding reached through structured discussion of Autism and how it affects your life.

Why choose Dr. Liliya Wheatcraft’s course -

Living with Autism?


Read Dr Liliya’s story and you’ll soon understand why she is so well-placed to work with people who live with Autism, and their families.

Let Dr. Liliya explain

for herself.

 “For me, your development is personal!
You see – I too live with Autism. So do my children.
What does this mean?
It means that I’m not like other psychiatrists.
It means that I share some of the feelings people with Autism have and the experiences they go through. It means that I’m uniquely placed to help you to live with the worst of Autism …
and to celebrate the best!”

Dr. Lilya doesn’t dwell on theory.

Her courses are intensely supportive and practical. They are:


  • rooted in science, facts and evidence – yet reflect personal experience
  • engaging and relevant – exploring with you only want each patient needs to know
  • practical and accessible – easy to follow and understand



They comprise 8 modules, each divided into 3 and 6 units and each represented by a different letter from the word A.U.T.I.S.T.I.C.

A       Anxiety    Module 1  -  6 units           
U      Uneven/Unstable  Module 2  -  6 units
T        Time                            Module 3  -  5 units
I        Intelligence                 Module 4  -  7 units
S        Sense & Sensitivities   Module 5  -  4 units
T        Thinking in Autism      Module 6  -  6 units
I        Intense Interests         Module 7  -  4 units
C        Central Coherence      Module 8  -  6 units

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Remote sessions –

Safe, Sustainable, Effective – no travel time

Each module will be followed by an online session with Dr. Liliya. These sessions will be bespoke to the client – taking into account the needs of the individual and of their family.

Not for Profit – but for the Community

Dr. Liliya is determined to carry out her remarkable work, not in order to line her pockets, but for the benefit of the wider autistic community. As someone who has struggled with and now lives with Autism, she is dedicated to helping others.

Few people have her personal experience, her academic training and her qualifications. Few people understand the autistic world better. Few people are as well-placed to help with Autism than Dr. Liliya Wheatcraft.

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An attitude of gratitude

When you come from a place of abundance and gratitude, your whole life will change. This course will help you appreciate life (even the aspects you used to dread), and you’ll see success and failure from a fresh perspective.

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Live, Work and Grow 

1-2-1 Consultation

For Autistic people and their families. Explore your Autism, what it means to you and how to grow it. 

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Autism is a difference

not a disease.




Autism in the workplace

For Autistic people and their employers. Learn the skills you need to live happily with your Autism at work.

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